About us

 20131011_122400 Aswin Handbag Manufacturing (Hong Kong) Limited, a Hong Kong invested company with two small yet dynamic bag production plants located respectively in Guang Zhou and Dong Guan, China, is an ideal partner for you to place medium to small orders. (ie: 500 pieces to 5000 pieces per order) Factories: logo Guang Zhou plant: 50 labors with monthly capacity of 7000 to 9000 pcs fine leather bags, or 18000 to 20000 pcs synthetic leather bags(PU PVC as well as Nylon bags). logo Dong Guan plant: 40 labors with monthly capacity of 3000 to 4000 pcs fine leather bags, or 8000 to 10000 pcs synthetic leather bags.(PU, PVC as well as Nylon bags)   We only keep with us labors with high craftsmanship and masters that worked with well-known international brands. Sales and Management: We are a group of young and passionate executives that have been working in Hong Kong and China for years, with well-known international brands from Italy, the UK and the USA.SAMSUNG We gathered, with great aspiration, aiming to provide you the with best solutions on bags, starting from all round development and sourcing, professional execution on productions to delivery. Yes some of us are bag geeks, we understand bags, and probably care about it more than you do. Our belief is that quality is never an accident. That is why we require our executive to acquire detailed knowledge on bag production rather than merely merchandising. Because after all, quality is where mutual trust built on.   If you are tired of working with trading agencies which work like profit speculative institutes yet give you barely satisfactory services, Aswin should be your relief.