Sourcing & development



007  We have built up long term steady relationships with good quality material suppliers (includingleathers, metal hardware, fabrics, interlining, etc) from domestic China and HongKong.

  We also import leathers and fabrics from Europe, Korea, and Taiwan, etc to fit customers’ needs.

  In order to give customers prompt responses, our sales executives (instead of purchasers) are asked to go to material markets by themselves for sourcing regularly for sample materials because sales executive have clearest understandings of what customers really look for. It help save time, enhance efficiency and after all, minimize the costs.


  Ever come across situations that everything’s fine of the products yet the price?

At Aswin, from the very beginning, we have taken this to heart… Getting the just -right paper patterns, selection of materials, interlining, procedures in production lines, etc, everything of these, though looking trivial, DOES MATTER in making a significant difference in the final result.

Our regular technics application includes embroidery, printing, laser cuts, weaving, laminations, hot fixing, etc whatever that meets the fashion trends, as consumers are always looking for something special.